15 Hours a day work plan

From last two days, I am trying to adjust myself to 18 hours a day work plan. Some how the things are going well. Hoping that it will go as per plan.

Recently I watched an interview of Elon Musk (CEO at Tesla Moter). He is one of the top mentors of mine. He runs three successful companies Solar City, Tesla Motors & SpaceX. The ‘Musk’ is known for its innovative ideas and persuasion habit to achieve the great success.

In the recent interview, the interviewer asked him how you managed to create all these successful companies?

So, Elon Musk replied, He gives 18 hours a day to his work and roughly spend 100 hours a week. He also said, there are some weeks when there is a tight schedule, he & his employee spent 160 hours a week.

If others are giving 40 hours a week and you are giving 100 hours a week then even if you are doing the same thing you will achieve in 4 months where others have taken years to achieve.

I believe technically it is possible. The only challenging part is to keep yourself awake whole day.

I am working on several projects now. All of them are stuck because of lack of time that’s what I am reasoning myself.
so I decided to make some time for these project by reducing the unproductive hours.

The first changes have been done to sleep hours. I used to sleep for 8 hours. Now after the cut, the sleep hours have been reduced to 6 hours. I am now having 2 hours additional in a day to use on some others task.

The travel time is what consuming my most of the unproductive hours. Mumbai’s traffic is not in the favor of helping me. It takes 1 hours to reach my office and same to get back to the home. It seems that I can’t do anything to it. I have to use this time for something else. so I decided to listen to the Interview and Tedtalk videos while traveling. I wanted to watch them, but watching the video while traveling from public transport would not work. Not safe as well.

I have downloaded few videos from youtube. Youtube has the feature of downloading videos in offline mode. Using this youtube feature to create a video list. The Interviews of the billionaires, Ted-Talks of inventors, brain science, and math science are some of the subjects I am following for now.

The final and most important step are having the healthy brain and body. Health may create a big problem if I don’t get enough sleep or not focusing on the healthy food. I don’t want to get sick and spend my time on the bed. It will mess everything.

To avoid such scenario, I have created the diet plan that I am going to follow to keep my body fully function all day around.

I am following the simple diet plan. It is containing the raw food. The raw food is the veggies, boiled beans, fruits and whole wheat grains. I am trying to consume as much as raw food in daily routine. Non-veg food got a place at the weekend.

I have completely stopped drinking Tea, 0% salt in the afternoon lunch, 0% sugar and 0% spicy food in afternoon lunch.

By doing this I have reduced 50% of food consumption which is considered as unhealthy. I am focusing on making it to 100%, but that story is for another blog post.

The thought is to reduce the consumption of unhealthy food from your day to life. The good afternoon diet is helping me to keep my brain active and focused. I am getting maximum healthy hours in a day to complete my work.

I will update you on the progress of this plan in the next blog post. Hope the plan will work out the way I want and I will complete my projects on deadline.

Stay Tuned..

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