Detoxification Sunday

I have created health plan to use Sunday for Detoxification. The Detoxification is the process to remove toxic substances from your body.

Generally, it is recommended for people who smoke and drink alcohol on regular basis. Their body stores toxic substances in the lung and kidney which may harm the working structure of these organs in the future.

I don’t Drink or Smoke, but one thing that we all do is we eat a lot. And as an Indian, we love to eat spicy, oily, salty tasty food every day.

We all think eating spicy or oily food is the part of our daily need, but that is not completely true. The food that we eat should be non-process or organic food that comes directly from farm or trees. The green vegetable, meat, fruits & poultry are the one those comes in the category of natural food.

Avoiding unnatural food completely seems difficult. I am eating this food for 28 years now. Changing this habit in the few months will not be possible. My brain will not accept the change immediately. To avoid the uncomfortable behavior of the brain craving, I decided to go slow with the step by step process and convert the unhealthy eating habit to a healthy lifestyle.

I came up with the idea of “Detoxification Sunday”. Generally, I spend my Sunday at home. I don’t go out or do any physical activity that requires more energy. I can manage my day with the minimal amount of the food consumption.

The plan for Sunday is to eat only Raw food. It means I am going to eat food which is boiled or Raw. To make the process easier I shortlisted the food which is easily available in the market.

The list goes as below.

1) 1 Cup Green Tea
2) Tomato
3) Boiled Potato
4) Cucumber
5) Boiled Cauliflower
6) Boiled Beans (There are more than 10 types of beans available in the market)
7) Yogurt
8) Boiled Eggs
9) Whole Wheat Roti / Whole Wheat Bread
10) 1 Cup Lemon Juice
11) Boiled Chicken Meat or Mutton Meat
12) Fruits (Bananas, Apple or any other fruit that is easily available in the market.)
13) Low Fat Cheese
14) Carrot
15) Any Green Veggies and Fruits you can add in this plan.

The mentioned boiled food is cooked without any oil or salt. The Oild and Salt are considered as an unnatural substance for the body.

Completely Avoid following on Sunday:

1) Sugar
2) Salt
3) Spice
4) Oil
5) Anything that you are allergic to.

If we think about the benefit that your body is going to get from this, the raw foods are the natural food that we humans have eaten for years. We, humans, are animals whose body is designed to eat the food that grows directly on the ground or trees.

Each of the above-listed food provides essential minerals to your body which includes the protein, carbohydrates, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Manganese, fiber etc. Your energy requirement will be fulfilled effectively.

While Detoxifying on Sunday, I always make sure that I am eating sufficient amount of the food to keep my body healthy. I don’t do fasting or try to avoid eating that day. If I do that then chances are I will feel body weakness and my body will lose energy quickly.

The Perfect Detoxification requires the right amount of food and the water.

I am doing this only to keep my body healthy and active whole day.

Not only from out side, It should be healthy from Inside as well.

Consistency in executing the plan is mattered the most, so I am focusing on not avoiding any Sundays and doing it regularly.

Making this as Habit is the big challenge for me.

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