Fun way to learn new words in any language

Learning a new language is a boring task. No matter how much motivated you are in the learning, at some point, you will give up. The reason for this is, there is no fun associated with it.

Your brain requires the consistent flow of dopamine release to stay you focus on what you are doing. The dopamine is the chemical produced by the brain that gives you pleasant feeling. Remember the delicious ice cream that you have eaten in childhood, the best time you spent with your friends or the feeling of love you have experience for someone. All these movements are saved in your brain because the amount of dopamine your brain has released when you are experiencing it. Now your brain is craving to get the same feeling again.

The same theory is applied to the learning. You will not go for the things where there is no release of dopamine. Your brain ignores the insignificant data immediately. Consistent learning is directly connected to a number of movement when dopamine is released into your brain. It is necessary for having Consistency in your work as well.

I was struggling with learning the new words. At some point, I was wondering there is no way to make this simple. I have to go the traditional way to learn the language.

It was a dead end for me.

I started learning the traditional way which involves too much pain. This stereotypical method requires lots of hard work.

At the same time, I was working on another process to train my brain to learn faster. I tried several things to see which one is feasible for me.

While giving some reasoning, I found the individual words are linked to the certain situation. Instead of looking these words as an individual, we should think these words are interlinked in the group. The words are not the separate entity, they are representing the particular scene. For an instant, to remember the words related the restaurant. You just have to recall the restaurant scene and collect the information that you see in that particular scene. The view will give you a good number of words that you can store immediately in your brain. The spoon, table, waiter, dining, manager, people, guest, party, menu etc. Writing down this words on the paper will help you to remember the new words faster than usual.

Supposedly, if you want to learn the words related the subject “Physics” then it is easy to recall the words like a black hole, gravity, neutron start, atom, Albert Einstein, E=MC², anti-gravity, spaceship, big bang etc.

You can apply this technique to view around you.

I found instead of learning a single word, learn the terminology of the particular place. It works best in remembering the new words.

Ok, Now some people might say I have learned this in my school days.

Completely agree to this.

But this is not over yet. Remember the Dopamine thing.

Let’s jump to the advance step.

I found the only way to make this interesting is connecting this to something we already enjoying it.

This brought me to the biggest fun factor of our life.

The “Movies”.

We all love watching movies. Even children love watching it too.

The move caught my attention when I was reading the review about the recent movie. I realise the movie reviews are most entertaining part of the web. It involves all kind of words that typically we use in our day to day life. The surprising thing is, it will tell you what slang words are trending in the particular country. And all the new words are available in real time. It means the words reaching you faster than any other source on the web. The common pattern I have seen in the reviews are the most sentences are revolving around the same opinion. This gives you the ability to remember it easily because you are reading it for quite some time.

Apart from that, To make it more exciting use below process.

Steps to follow for a better result:

1) Watch movie: Yes, the first step in the process is watching a movie. No matter which movie you watch, there are many reviewers or critics who have free time and judgemental personality to rate any good or bad movie they see. You will find reviews for all kind of movies. Watch the move one day before and sleep over it. Give your brain some breathing space.

2) Reading the review: On the next day visit the movie review writing website. I recommend IMDB and Rottentomatoes for reading reviews. You will find a good amount of reviews on these sites. Read the users reviews. I generally read the first page of both the websites which generally contains 20 reviews, 10 on each.

When you start reading the reviews remember the purpose of this process. You are not here to evaluate or give your judgemental thoughts on others opinion. The sole purpose of your reading is recalling the yesterday’s movie scene that you have watched. Many reviewers describe the whole movie in their review. You will find yourself in the middle of the movie while reading. The study has shown brain remembers visual content faster than the text. You will visualize the movie while reading the review. Also, you have already experienced the movie scene which is stored in your visual memory.

The most important part of this process is writing down the new words in the excel sheet. I have created a Google sheet with the name “Language” where I note all the words that I found the first time.

In addition, Before recording it into Google Spreadsheet understand the true meaning of the word. Use Google Translator to find the meaning of the word in your mother tongue. Google translator will show you the meaning as well as it will give you alternate words. If that is not enough for the recognition then use Google Image search. You can search the word in Google and go to the image section to view the images. The visual appearance will help you to learn it quickly. Keep recording all the words you think is new to you.

Once you complete this process for few movies, you will see some of the words are repetitive. These words will automatically get stored in your brain because your brain things the word is more important for you. The recall word moves from your temporary memory to your permanent memory.

I generally get 20 words an average every day by reading reviews of the old movies. Not all sticks to my brain, but some of them come naturally when I am writing or speaking with someone.

That’s how the magic works.

3) Writing: The final step in the process is using it in your day to day life to make your neuron connection strong. The connection becomes stronger when you are using it regularly.

Speaking the word is an effective way of remembering it, but I noticed some people may not get much opportunity to have a long conversation with another person. It might not work for all.

Especially for the Nerd like me who hardly interact with surrounding people find very difficult to have this in practice.

Another way of implementing this is writing something on daily basis. I have created a habit of writing 1000 words content to test my brain on the recall ability. You can choose any topic to write a content and make a habit to keep doing it on constantly. Blogging is the one way to create a purpose for your writing.

Writing is the only thing where you can control your thoughts and go back to edit it wherever it requires. I write the content first and while proofreading it, I try to add as many new words that I have recorded on my Google sheet. Some new words come naturally, but some need more practice to store. The one thing it promises is it elevates your vocabulary.

Use Grammarly software to auto-correct your grammar.

Truth be told, I found this method interesting. You get to enjoy your move time as well as you are learning from it.

You can apply this method to learn English, French, German or any language wherever movies are available.

Try yourself and let me know if that works for you as well.

Keep learning.

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