Increasing Reading Speed And Comprehension Rate

I spend my most of the time reading online. I love to read famous people bios, things related to my work and sometime physics theories.

Yesterday while reading online I noticed If I increase my reading speed I will save more time in a day which can be used doing something else.

So did some online research to find how to increase reading speed. The content that I come across gave me completely different perspective about reading habit.

As per the research, the average person read 200 – 300 words per minute (wpm) with 60% comprehension rate. This is an average speed you should have while reading. Many people think just skimming the sentences are sufficient for learning, but that’s not true. Your comprehension rate decides how much you are remembering after you complete your reading. The purpose of reading is understanding the content properly. If your remembering power is not satisfying then you are wasting your time while reading. Comprehension rate will tell you how much you remember while reading.

The top readers read at the speed of above 1000 words per minute with near 85% of comprehension rate. They represent only 1% of total population.

The average comprehension rate should be around 75% to 85%. This shows you understood the content well and retained it for future use. People below this rating needs to focus on increasing the percentage. To do so you can reduce your reading speed for a while and increase it gradually as you move ahead.

After understanding the importance of increasing reading speed. I decided to test my current reading speed. I found some good tools to run the test. The Free Reading Speed Test tool provides various levels of content to test your reading speed. Also, after completing the test you will ask questions to calculate your comprehension rate. This helped me to see where I am lacking in reading.

I gave the test several-time and found my average reading speed is 120-130 wpm which is very low compared to the average persons reading style. My rating on compression rate varied base on the content that I am reading. I have noticed the topic I already know has the good comprehension rate with good reading speed. The content which I am reading first time requires more efforts to skim the content.

Here are improvement tactics I am using to increase reading speed.

1) Finding a spare time where no one can disturb me: I am giving myself 2 hours every day where I am not having any conversation with any person. The time is completely dedicated to reading. Distraction is evil of all the great things you do. so going to avoid it at any cost.

2) Mobile on silent mode: I keep my mobile on silent mode to avoid mobile distraction. I mean no vibration or quick notification as well. I keep the phone facing down until I complete the reading.

3) Making it a habit: It is important to make reading habit instead of forcing yourself to do it. I aligned myself to read every day to gain new knowledge. I generally get bored when I am not pulling any new information. I feel my day is incomplete if I have not learned anything new today. Making it habit so it will consistently force me to do every day.

Things are going well for now. It is helping me to perceive the new knowledge easily. I can already see improvement in the reading speed.

Hope it will increase my reading speed further and I can comprehend more information in short period of time.

You can also take a test at Free Reading Speed Test Tool and let me know your reading speed and comprehension rate in the comment box.

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