iPhone 6s: Still don’t understand the Obsession after a year of using it

I am using the iPhone 6s for more than a year now. I purchased the phone from Amazon to experience the exclusivity this device holds.

What have I experienced it?

If we talk about exclusivity then it is truly exclusive phone. Now what I mean by that is. The Apple team has done pretty good job. The IOS, graphics, unique features and overall performance is really good. The phone has some kind of power to attract the attention of people. The brand behind the phone talks louder than a phone.

On other hands, the device is nothing to do with your personal growth or not going to give you any super power. It works similarly the way other android device works. I bet other devices are far more better than the iPhone in terms of hardware and usability scale.

I have noticed the Apple logo behind the phone talks to the people unconsciously. I have seen the expression of the people when they first see the phone in your hand. It expresses the uniqueness that you have among other mobile devices. Also, transfers the brain signals of “Jealousy” to the people who are not owning it.

In product, the “Exclusivity” & “Jealousy” factors work the best than any other human emotions. You know why product “Facebook” is successful. Try to reverse engineer its idea, you will end your research with the two strong human emotions “Exclusivity” & “Jealousy”. The Apple’s rival Samsung has pretty good hands on mobile phone industry. In terms of features, they are really good, but they are unable to capture the human emotions.

I remember the early days when people use to wear lots of Gold to represent their power. People used to believe, having the gold ring on the finger and big gold chain on the neck makes them super-rich in the crowd. People like to get noticed in the crowd for their exclusivity.

In a scientific manner, the gold (Atomic number – AU-79) has a property of the natural material which made of a similar structure of the atom that you find in the other materials as well.

Then why we humans are attracted to the materialistic things?

The human brain is a fascinating thing in the universe. As a Digital Marketing Strategist. I am always thinking about and trying to understand why people are obsessed with certain things over other. Many experts still confused about the behavior of the human brain.

I always wish to learn this selling technique.

I am a follower of Steve Jobs. The way he represented the series of Apple product was amazing. When I get time, I generally go to youtube and watch the first iPhone launch video. It was a brilliant presentation done by Steve Jobs. It was revolutionary product launched in the history. You may also remember the Apple’s mini iPod launched in 2005. I especially like the movement when Steve Jobs took out the mini iPod from the mini pocket of his blue jeans asking “why we have this upper pocket?”.

I know It is not just the presentation that playing the role, the other things also matter the most. The quality of the product, USP, uniqueness, product material etc.

I am not a person who gives importance to the materialistic things. Not fascinated with it.

For the time being, I am enjoying the expressions of the people and the exclusivity feeling that get from holding the phone.

There is a lot to learn from it. Hope I get a chance to make such product in future and add that cult filling to it.

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