Money Automation

I am going to try automation strategy to automate my earning source.

It seems everything in the world on the verge of automation. I believe you can automate your finance to buy some more time for your personal life.

I am really not interested in chasing money all of my life. I want to explore the world.

so the automation is the only way you can solve your money problem.

The first thing in the process is understanding the terminology of finance automation.

The two words, Cash Inflow and Cash Outflow defines your financial growth.

Cash Inflow – The money that comes in your pocket.

In cash inflow, I am going to consider the cash or the money that will be added to my bank account. You can use this money without having any second thought about spending it.

Cash Outflow – The money that goes out from your pocket.

These are your liabilities that takes away your hard earned money. The things that are not in your basic needs and you buy them for your pleasure goes in cash outflow.

Following things will be included in my Cash Inflow and Cash Outflow plan.

You might have noticed I have mentioned some of the common investment plans, for instance, the fixed deposit, buying a house and buying physical gold in the cash outflow.

The reason behind this is, they are not making your day to day life better. People think saving or investing money in a traditional way is the perfect way to live your life.

The traditional way of investment may secure your life by keeping money in your bank, but the only problem with them is, it is not making you rich faster.

Let’s break this down to understand it.

I invest in a fixed deposit of Rs.1,00,000 and lock the amount for 5 years. When I am creating a fixed deposit, I am giving my money to my bank. I can’t use that money for 5 years now. That means you can’t use that money for living your today’s life. It will be recorded in the Cash Outflow.

The interest that I will get from the fixed deposit at decided period will be recorded in the cash Inflow, because I can use that amount today.

Remeber I am only focusing on the money that is coming to my pocket today.

Future is not guaranteed.

Any Ram Gopal Verma’s new movie can kill entire world population at any given point of time. You will be not alive to enjoy your FD return.

You have only one life to live and if you missed the right time you are not going to get that time back.

I am going to create a plan to earn faster and at the same time enjoy the life at fullest.

I generally miss my School days and most of you may also be missing the same.

Those days were awesome. No stress of future, no commitment, no responsibility. In those days, you were living your life for yourself only. You were enjoying the life with your friends, with your family. You were allowed to make mistake and no one was there to judge you for your mistake.

No matter how rich I become in the future, I can’t buy those days again. Those days are now fading with the passing time.

The same applies to your today’s life. To enjoy your life you need to understand the reason why creator (The God or whatever you name it) has created to you.

I am pretty sure that he has not made you for earning money or securing your life. The creator wants you to explore the world that he has created for you.

The purpose of money automation plan is to get away from the 9 to 5 job and give 100% time for your life journey. I want to enjoy the life by deciding my day on my terms and do the things that matter the most to me.

Don’t want the external forces to handle my life by giving the instructions to me.

If you see the people who are paying you the salary or paying for your job. They all are trying to buy some time for their personal life so that they can enjoy it. They automated their earning structure by hiring you.

Look at the life of Mukesh Ambani, the owner of the Reliance Industries and richest man in India. He is rich because his empire created by his father Dhirubhai Ambani is managed by the hard working employee who is spending their own time to make the Mukesh Ambani rich.

The out come is, Mukesh Ambani owns worlds expensive residential house “Antilla” which was cost him more than 1 Billion Dollars (Approx Rs. 6500 crores) to build.

The human race of becoming rich or powerful is circled around the converting your time into money and vice-versa.

Ok, So the plan is looking lucrative, but remember the things on the paper always looks good, but the reality is different.

I know that nothing is going to change immediately. Not expecting overnight success. I am just giving head start to some structure to reach closer to my financial goal.

You have to start at some point to reach somewhere.

I also know that it might not work the way I want.

I am just following my guts feeling and the advice that I get from the people I meet. I am trying to implement as many things as possible to gain experience.

“Success will take me to the close to my financial goal and failure will make me wise.”

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