No Brand & No Time wasting things, Only beautiful colors

I have decided to wear simple clothes to avoid any time wasting activities. When I looked at my day to day activities I noticed I spend a good amount of time deciding what to wear today.

If I choose to wear formals, then I have to get them ironed. I have to keep track of that thing as well or someone from my family is wasting their time to keep your clothes neat.

Why should I waste my time or someone else time deciding the clothes? Shouldn’t.. right?

It is not that important in life.

Clothes are not going to define my success so I no need to worry about what I am wearing today.

Also avoiding brand?

I am not much obsessed with any brand. Not the person who loves the materialistic things and give much importance to them. Simple living is what I prefer most of the time.

Also, Shopping takes hell lot of time. Especially when you are going with your wife. Why spend time on the things which take away your hard earned money.

I am going to wear simple colored T-shirts with jeans. I picked this attire because the combination can go with all shades of T-shirt. In the morning I don’t need to spend my time choosing which one to wear. I like beautiful colors so my t-shirts will come in the different colors. No brand logo, no design, and no materialistic love. Only comfortable clothes.

To begin it I have purchased few T-shirts fromĀ Bewakoof Clothing website.

Let see how much time I can buy for my 15 hours a day work plan.

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