Took 28 years to understand the real meaning of my surname


It was hanging there for almost 28 years now and I never noticed it.

Recently, I went to meet a person (Mr. X) who wanted me to design his website. He was working on his ambitious project and wanted me to design his website and do Digital marketing.

We met at Cafe near Mithibai College, Vile Parle (W), We were discussing his project, the elements that he wanted me to add on his website.

It was an interesting conversation.

We spent around 1 hour in that cafe. At the end of the conversation, I realize I have not handed over him my personal visiting card.

When you meet people for business discussion, you have to share your contact details. So I grab my bag, removed the visiting card and gave it to him.

He was holding the card in his hand. The first word that he said after looking at my card was “Go Rule”. And he continued by saying “You have interesting name”

I didn’t realise what he is pointing at. The word was just a surname for me till that movement.

Also, I am an average person so I was enjoying my coffee. It was not that good. I seriously don’t know why people prefer to drink coffee in CCD or Cafe.


Mr. X was reading the other details and again he pronounced my surname Go-Rule. This time the word stuck in my head. I realise he is trying to say “Go Rule” which is characteristics of two separate words “Go” and “Rule”.

I stunned and I was looking at the cup of coffee. My brain was silent for some time. He was saying something, but nothing was reaching to my ears.

In few minute I get back myself to the presence and started focusing on the conversation. Had quite a long discussion and after meeting, Mr. X relieved me.

While travelling back to the home I asked myself “How I never noticed the meaning of my surname”.

I have written this name millions of time. Still never had that vision to break this two words and try to understand what it is saying.

I realised I am a big idea.

Ya, I know my hold on the language (English) is not that good, but still, I should have seen this before.

Ok, so long story short.

I came to know the meaning of my surname.

What difference that makes now in my day to day life or Why it is important?

I really don’t know. But it feels good when you get to know there is some reason why you got this name.

Now I don’t need to watch or read motivational content to keep me motivated. Motivation is naturally connected to my name. I just have to recall my surname when the situation is hard and things will start falling into place.

Don’t forget my Surname.

It’s Go Rule.

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