Watched Dunkirk : Truly Gigantirk Imax Experience

Yesterday I watched movie Dunkirk on Imax Screen, Wadala, Mumbai. The plot of the movie was outstanding. I am big fan of Christopher Nolan, writer and director of the movie.

The movie is based on the historic evacuation done in Dunkirk in 1940, after invasion of the France by Nazi Germany. Nolan tender to sync the three plots Land, Sea and Air war strike in the movie.

While watching the movie you will feel it is crafted as a documentary. It has very few dialogues.

The enjoying part of the movie was the beautifully directed movie scenes. I was amazed with close scenes that showed the expression of the characters. It was giving me the feeling, if I was on that beach than How would have reacted to the situation. The sound effects of bombing and gun firing were crazy. It will take you to the history of the world war. The pleasant cinematography will give you feeling of freshness.

The music was brilliant. The background sound, title song, special effects, war heads were intensely linked with each of the elements of the film.

Hats off to music director “Hans Zimmer”. Big fan of his music.

If you are movie lover like me who prefer to watch movie based on true story or war history then you will enjoy the movie.

The only break down that I have noticed in the movie was, it is not entertaining.

Why I am saying is that, because the movie begins with the salient acting where you just enjoy the scenery presented on the screen. There are few dialogues, no comedy to enjoy or happy ending war scenes.

When people go to watch movie they expect for the entertainment factor in the movie. This one is not at all for those people.

In Essence, People who watched this movie may have rated it as an average movie.

I completely understand why Christopher Nolan has kept the plot serious.

As a writer and director it is challenging job to present the history as it is on the screen with the detailed accuracy. The movie scene was shot in different angels and some of them are taken in the one take which is commendable.

The war was never entertaining and it never will be. So we should avoid war at any cost. Else, we will leave with no choice than watching war movies.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie very much.

And also Chicken Burger and Coke too.

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