Why I start thinking about life when at beach

Last week, I been to the beach at Marin Drive, Mumbai with my Girlfriend.

Ohh sorry, she is my wife now. Sometimes I forget that (Side-effects of marriage). .

We were sitting on the marine drive, facing the beautiful sea. It was Saturday evening so there were 1000s of people like us enjoying the movement. The sound of the tide was giving me the feeling of freshness. I was watching the tide coming close and ebbing nicely. The soft breeze was trying to comfort me.

I realised when I am at the beach the environment around me take me into the depth of the imagination. I start thinking about the purpose of life. The simple question that comes to mind is What I am doing? Where am I going? Why are we all running to reach somewhere? and the surprising thing is no one knows where we are going.

I realise the sky and breeze started talking to me.

I like to stay calm and keep observing the each corner of the scenery that presented in front of me by nature.

It sounds idiotic act. But I think as human sometime we should spend our time with our thoughts. We rarely do that in our day to day life. We are quite busy in earning money, dealing with our daily life, solving the problems, showing others how superior I am.

That’s not why we are here.

When at the beach, I get the feeling of loneliness. My brain separates me from all the affairs that I am dealing in my life and gives me feeling of Individualness.

Suddenly, My past – present and future appeared around me. And while having amazing visualisation about life, the one thought that came to my mind.

You know, Everything that you see around you is just an Illusion. You think that you are controlling everything.

But the fact is that.

Nature is controlling you and you can’t do anything. You can just surf on moving wave and wait for your final destination to come. Your job is to enjoy the surrounding while surfing throughout the journey.

You can’t wait, can’t stop or can’t give up. If you do so you will end your life. The choice is yours.

Your Past – Present – Future everything is decided.

I was mesmerised with that one thought. It was a wonderful evening.

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